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In parts of the United States when winters can be very cold and wet, such as in Seattle, a furnace is an essential component of the heating system. A furnace can use oil or natural gas.


There are still some homes around Seattle that use oil furnaces. It has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any other appliance. It requires an on-site storage tank. The oil has to be delivered as well. But in terms of heating, oil furnaces provide more heat per BTU. It costs less than a gas furnace. Its efficiency is lower, however and in today’s fuel market, oil costs more than gas. Maintenance could be a problem as well because of soot and dirt buildup. An oil furnace system needs frequent filter change and the chimney needs regular cleaning, too.


Common problems of oil furnace


Among the most common problems of an oil furnace are the unusual sounds you hear. Squealing, rattling and knocking are just some of the noises signalling that there is a problem. The type of noise could also indicate what is the source of the problem, such as:


  • oil furnace repairWorn-out belt or poor belt tension
  • Blocked air
  • Oil burner requires cleaning
  • Pilot light needs to be reset
  • Access panels are loose
  • Air is present in the lines


Although there are some problems with an oil furnace that you can troubleshoot yourself, many more require calling an oil furnace repair in Seattle. For example, a knocking noise may be caused by air getting into the lines. The lines require bleeding, but if you are a newbie, call an expert oil furnace repair in Seattle to do the work for you.


If there is a rumbling sound, it could mean that the pilot light needs resetting, which you can do yourself. However, if the noise is due to a dirty gas burner, call an oil furnace repair in Seattle to fix the problem.


Fischer Heating, an expert in oil furnace repair in Seattle has licensed and experienced technicians to repair and maintain your oil furnace. Give them a call if you hear a grinding noise from your furnace and see to it that you shut down your system. If you hear intermittent sounds that seem like your oil furnace is turning on and off, it is best to call a professional technician from Fischer Heating to determine the problem.


Converting oil to gas furnaces


If you live in parts of Seattle where gas supply is available, a gas furnace is a good choice because the fuel costs less and the heating efficiency is higher. Gas furnaces also require less maintenance although they have less heat per BTU. The unit costs more than an oil furnace but their operation is cleaner, quieter and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the savings you’ll realize in the long run will make up for your initial investment.


According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average cost to heat a home with oil is $2,046. On the other hand, heating a home with gas will only cost about $679.


Several processes are involved when you switch from oil to gas, and an oil furnace repair in Seattle such as Fischer Heating can help you do it. Fischer Heating’s rates are competitive and an expert technician can discuss everything that will take place to convert from oil to gas furnace. Technicians from the trusted oil furnace repair in Seattle are all knowledgeable and licensed. This gives you the assurance that they will provide you with efficient and professional service, including giving you options on gas furnace brands, pros and cons and prices. Give Fischer Heating a call at 206-279-3322 and discuss your options to replace your oil with gas furnace with the expert oil furnace repair in Seattle.

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