Gas Furnace Service & Repair In Seattle

Winter weather in the city is cold and wet, and at times like this, residents might find themselves in need of a Seattle gas furnace service or repair to feel comfortable in their homes. It is more than annoying to wake up to a cold house because the heating system is broken when you expect your furnace to work efficiently.

Beyond feeling uncomfortable when the weather is frosty, a broken furnace can be risky for your home. There is the possibility of water pipes bursting and mold build-up, among several other problems that need immediate attention from an expert gas furnace service in Seattle.

How To Service A Seattle's Home's Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces are very efficient. However, the modern versions are more complicated than the old gas furnaces. Before calling a gas furnace service in Seattle, there are some things you can do yourself.

  • Power

Check if your gas furnace is getting power by looking into your fuse box. Also, see if there are tripped circuit breakers. See if the power switch is set to “ON.” Replace the fuse if it is burnt and blackened. Do note that a blown fuse could be a sign that there is a bigger problem than a gas furnace service in Seattle can easily determine.

  • Inspect Air Intake & Exhaust

If the power checks out, look outside to ensure there are no things that block the fresh air intake and exhaust of the furnace. Newer gas furnaces have their fresh air intakes and exhaust running through the side of the house. In some cases, issues with moisture, insects, leaves, and grasses can block them.

  • Check The Thermostat

See to it that the thermostat setting is set to ”heat”. Also, the temperature setting is high enough to trigger the furnace to turn on. If you have a programmable thermostat, refer to its manual to ensure that you have the correct setting. Likewise, see to it that the thermostat battery is not dead. Replace the battery immediately when the ”low battery” warning is flashing.

  • Check The Air Filter

If the gas furnace is on, but it is blowing harder than normal, the air filter could be dirty and blocked up. Turn off the gas furnace and replace the filter. Normally, it should be replaced every three months.

When To Call A Gas Furnace Service Technician In The Seattle Area

If you have checked all the basic things and the gas furnace would not start, you need to call a licensed technician from an expert gas furnace service in Seattle. The complex setup of newer gas furnaces requires the expertise of a qualified technician from a reputable gas furnace service in Seattle.

One of the best ways to keep your gas furnace in your WA home working reliably and efficiently is to have it regularly checked by a licensed gas furnace service in Seattle. Fischer Heating has been serving homes in Seattle, Washington, for more than 35 years and has gained the trust of many homeowners.

As a qualified gas furnace service in Seattle, Fischer Heating can provide various heating services. And know from installation to repair to maintenance services. The friendly, knowledgeable, and licensed technicians of Fischer Heating can give you advice, tips, and suggestions for basic gas furnace maintenance. They are qualified to repair and maintain various types and models of old and modern gas furnaces in homes around Seattle.

See to it that your gas furnace is regularly serviced. Like all appliances and machinery, regular maintenance prolongs their life. Before you incur higher repair costs or worse, replace your gas furnace. Call an expert from Fischer Heating, the prime gas furnace service in Seattle. Do not wait until you get cold and uncomfortable during the wet and chilly winter days before you have your gas furnace checked.

Contact us for any additional questions you may have about your gas furnace, or give us a call today at 206-202-9499.