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We specialize in water heater replacement and installation services to ensure uninterrupted hot water. From tankless water heaters to solar heated, gas, hybrid, on-demand, standard boilers, and more, call us today to learn more about our services.

Tankless Water Heater Being Installed

Water Heater Replacement

It is common for your unit to get old and become out of order over time. A good heating unit can last 8-12 years. After that, replacing it is more cost-effective and efficient than paying for frequent repairs.

Water heater replacement is best left to the professionals, and our Fischer technicians will guide you in choosing the right fit for your needs and home or business.

Water Heater Installations

Water heater installation is a technical task requiring the best company's services for water heater replacement and installation. A water heater installation requires considerable knowledge, including understanding local building codes, plumbing design, and the ability to handle potentially dangerous situations such as gas leaks and electrical faults.

A professional water heater replacement service will first guide you through choosing the perfect unit for your home, including different sizes and types, such as tankless, traditional tank, or heat pump-type ones.

Once you’ve decided on a type, our installers will remove the old equipment and install the new one by ensuring all the connections, including water, gas, and electricity, are placed correctly and functioning well.

Water Heater In A Room
Technician Checking A Water Heater Control System

Water Heater Types

There are different kinds of heating units available in the market. Each has its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages. However, each has one primary purpose: to heat water.

The different types include storage tank water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heaters, and heat pump water heaters.

Tankless Water Heaters

On-demand hot water doesn’t store hot water and saves the most energy. Tankless water heater tanks are convenient, keeping a large amount of water heated and available on demand.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters provide significant advantages over conventional natural gas models. They offer lower installation costs, requiring only a special outlet without complex venting systems, unlike gas heaters. Electric heaters are space-efficient, fitting into compact areas without concerns about gas buildup, while gas heaters often require more ventilation space and are installed outside for safety reasons.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Jeremy and Mike were very prompt and arrived 15 minutes before the appointment. They were professional and courteous, answering any questions I had. I needed to have two corners in a vent patched up and they did it quickly. I appreciate the quality of their work, including the clean-up. They took the time to explain to me about my new furnace and water heater. Jeremy and Mike did a great job- overall it was a wonderful experience!

Janice E.
Water Heater Customer

Jason installed a radiant gas hot water heater He was on time. Did an awesome job cleaned up five stars!!!!!

Linda W.
Water Heater Customer

A friendly and efficient installation. I would recommend Fischer to anyone wanting a heat pump or hybrid system.

Dennis S.
Happy Customer

We Specialize In Water Heater Services Throughout Seattle

Troubleshooting and handling water heater issues, repairs, ongoing maintenance, and new installations for homeowners and businesses throughout King and Snohomish counties.

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