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To guarantee that we can help our clients when they need us most, we are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Even more, we know that affordability is a serious concern for many people. We promise to work with you to find the most effective and affordable repair possible to meet all your cooling system repair needs. Give us a call today!

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Common Types Of Air Conditioning Repair

It can be costly if you neglect your air conditioning. There are some minor repairs that you can do yourself, while some need to be performed by trained and licensed system technicians. Call Fisher Air Conditioning at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 in an emergency for its 24-hour central air conditioning and ductless mini-split system repairs.

Clogged Or Dirty Filters

The efficiency of the furnace decreases when its filters are clogged or dirty. A dirty or clogged air filter forces your furnace to push heated air around the home harder. Doing so can lead to damage to the fan motor as it will work to its limit. It is a fire hazard, aside from causing more expensive repairs.

Inaccuate Thermosat

The thermostat is vital to the regular function of the furnace as it dictates the temperature you need to keep your house warm. It also sets the frequency for the system to turn on and off automatically to maintain the temperature inside the house. There is a problem with the thermostat if it keeps resetting.

Breakdown Of Components

Several air conditioning components, such as fan blades, motors, switches, filters, belts, and bearings, would break down after some time. A regular checkup will determine which parts need replacement or cleaning.

Frequent Cycling Between On & Off

In this case, call on 24-hour furnace repair for a licensed cooling system technician to come and inspect the unit. The rapid cycled between on and off could be due to a defective fan motor, a problem with the thermostat, or a dirty filter.

Irregular Or Odd Noises

When an air conditioning unit is running, it is expected to hear some noise. However, if you hear odd noises that are out of the ordinary, such as rattles, clangs, bangs, squeaks, and rumbles, call Fischer Heating’s 24-hour furnace repair service at once. These types of noises indicate that there are problems with the heating system. Some components may have detached or loosened. Pests could have occupied the furnace, or some debris could have entered the system.

sKeep in mind that a sudden increase in your electric bill, even when the air conditioner is not used, means that your cooling system needs a visit from a qualified technician. Call Fischer Air Conditioning for 24-hour service at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 for an emergency repair or to make an appointment with our licensed technician.

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