What Is Duct Sealing & Why Do You Need It

When small cracks and holes form on your ductwork, they can be repaired with duct sealant. Proper and immediate duct sealing is important to keep your heating and cooling systems functioning properly. In homes with central heating and cooling systems, forced air is circulated through air ducts, which act as a circulatory system to distribute hot or cold air efficiently to every part of the house.

Air Duct Sealing

It also saves on energy costs and ensures health risks from dust, mold, and mildew are minimized if not totally eliminated. Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are trained to closely inspect ductwork to ensure that all cracks or holes are sealed. Proper insulation and duct sealing keep your ducts functioning efficiently.

Fischer Heating continues to offer Seattle duct sealing, repair, and replacement to help keep residents comfortable while staying indoors, no matter the weather. Through our years of service, we have encountered almost every type of HVAC problem.  This includes various issues with ductwork, from leaky to fully damaged air ducts and many that are improperly designed and require local air duct repair and duct sealing.

Ductwork runs through most parts of the home, some of which are in unfinished areas, such as attics and basements. In these places, extreme cold and hot air can cause the separation of duct joints. Temporarily, you can seal the crack with duct tape, but this will not last for a long time. The best thing to do is to call a trained technician to give your ducts a thorough inspection. Excellent technicians will recommend using mastic, which is one of the most effective sealants for air ducts.

EPA Findings

In a standard home, faulty ductwork contributes up to 25% of the energy losses, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Indoor air quality is also affected as loose joints and holes can suck in bacteria, dust, and other elements and re-distribute these pollutants around the house. This is one of the reasons why you need to have your ducts properly sealed and insulated so you’ll be comfortable, breathe healthy air indoors, and save money.

Benefits You’ll Get From Duct Sealing

Aside from getting your cooling and heating systems to operate normally, you’ll make them more energy efficient. Everyone in the home will feel comfortable because the air distribution will be even, with every room and place in the home cooled or heated at the right temperature at different times of the year. Adequately sealed air ducts ensure that most pollutants are prevented from entering the system to pose health risks to everyone, particularly to family members who have various allergies.

Sealing air ducts contribute to home safety. As you go about your daily chores, appliances that operate on gas, such as furnaces, clothes dryers, and water heaters, release combustion gases such as carbon monoxide via the ventilation system. Sealing leaks on your ducts prevent ”backdrafting,” wherein fumes can be sucked in and circulated indoors rather than discarded outside the house.

You save money on your energy bills when the ducts are properly sealed because the temperature is maintained at the right level. An air duct in good condition that’s well-designed and well-sealed will allow you to install a smaller and less costly cooling/heating system that is better at dehumidification if you plan to replace your old HVAC system.

How To Find Problems With Air Ducts

If you notice that some rooms and/or areas in your home get a higher or lower temperature level than other parts of the house, you find water leaking from your duct, airflow in various parts of the house is different, and you can see visible holes and cracks in your ductwork, it is time to call in a professional technician to seal and repair the ducts as soon as possible. Check for places where cracks and separated joints might happen, such as in areas where the ducts meet the ceiling, walls, and floors, in attics, garages and basements, and other crawlspaces.

Have your ducts inspected and assessed by a trained technician from Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning as early as you can when you see or feel that any of the warning signs exist. It is cheaper to have ducts sealed early than wait for the problem to get bigger, which can prove costlier. We will give you the best assessment, competitive job quote, and excellent service for sealing air ducts.

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