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Helping the Redmond community for over 40 years with HVAC services from repairs, maintenance, replacements, and new installations along with emergency services.

HVAC Maintenance & REpair

Although there are several types of heating systems you might have installed in your home, our years of experience working throughout the area have made us very familiar with the systems and types of problems most experienced by residents of Redmond. Many homes have conventional gas furnaces which are great for quickly heating up space but, often due to their old age, can present a myriad of problems. We can help you get your older conventional gas radiator back to new, making the system more efficient and ultimately more cost-effective.


HVAC Services Technicians

All of our plumbers take training and earn North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and HVAC certifications. Air conditioning repair technicians have the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 608 certification to ensure that they properly handle refrigerants. Our services for furnace replacement in Redmond, WA take into consideration the water and heating systems of your entire home. Ensuring that altering one aspect of the entire system will not adversely affect any other elements of the system.

Fischer Heating &Amp; Air Conditioning Technicians

Experts In Heating And Cooling Maintenance, Repairs, Installations, And Emergency Services Serving Local Communities For Over 40 Years.

Furnace Maintenance & Services

Heating System Repairs, Maintenance, Installation, & Emergency Services.

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Air Conditioning Services

Repairing, Maintaining, & Installing New Air Conditioning Systems.

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Heat Pumps

Specializing In Heat Pumps Solutions Designed For Your Home.

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Furnace & Air Conditioning

You may also be heating your home with a newer high efficiency converting furnace that uses a different type of mechanism to actually heat the air. These systems are a bit more complicated than the conventional furnaces but tend to be even more effective at heating large areas. If you are concerned about the functionality of your high efficiency converting furnace or would potentially like a furnace replacement in Redmond, WA to upgrade you system, Fischer Heating can help. We will help you understand the benefits and costs of each system so that you can make an informed decision concerning the best option for your home and family.

Fischer Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Heating System Repairs, Maintenance, Installation, & Emergency Services For Customers Throughout The Seattle Metro Area.

Central Air Conditioning, Plus Ductless Mini-Split System Installations For Homeowners & Businesses.

We Specialize In Heat Pump Solutions Designed For Your Home.

Central Air Conditioning, Plus Ductless Mini-Split System Installations For Homeowners & Businesses.

Quick And Reliable Commercial HVAC Repair Or Installing A New System, We Have The Solutions You Are Looking For.

Air Quality Testing Businesses And Residential Homeowners Throughout The Snohomish & King Counties.

Emergency HVAC Repair Service in Redmond, WA

To guarantee that we can help our clients when they need us most, we are available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Even more, we know that affordability is a serious concern for me people. We promise to work with you to find the most effective and affordable repair possible to meet all your heating and furnace repair needs.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. Look over some of our customer testimonials to get an idea of the level of quality we provide all of our clients regularly. You can also give us a call or send us an email to get more information and receive a hassle-free quote on the repair or replacement services you are considering.

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We Specialize In Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance For Seattle & Surrounding Communities

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