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Daryl Miller

Our Fischer story may have started in 1996, but the Fischer Plumbing story actually began 19 years before then.
The original Fischer Plumbing was founded in 1977 and enjoyed a solid local reputation for drain and sewer cleaning for years.  Although I didn’t have any experience in the industry (my background and education are in business), my equity partner Bruce Robertson did.  A plumber by trade, he brought the hands-on experience that we needed to purchase and make a go of this already successful company.

When we acquired Fischer Plumbing, the company had seven employees and a service fleet of four-panel trucks.  Since it already had a strong brand identity, our goal was to acquire additional companies that would offer complementary services and leverage our combined talents to take this family-focused business to the next level. Nearly 20 years later, I’m proud to say we’ve delivered on that promise.

Our company now not only offers re-pipe, rough-in and underground plumbing services, but also provides water damage restoration, heating and AC, drain and electric services.  We’ve evolved over the years by consciously adding services that we knew our customers needed.  And backing them all up with the Fischer commitment to quality.

In  2015, we moved to our current corporate headquarters at Mountlake Terrace in North Seattle.  We built it out with our own hands to make it a state-of-the-art operation that could comfortably house our staff and service vehicles.  The office is located close to the I-5 and 1-405, which gives our technicians access to both the west and east sides of the lake. At Fischer, we believe strongly in family. We treat our employees and customers how we’d treat our relatives – with integrity, respect, fairness, and understanding.

If you have a project we can help with, let’s work together to resolve it quickly and effectively.  Contact us today and become part of the Fischer family.

Daryl Miller


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