How Long Should My HVAC System Last?

The life expectancy of an HVAC system is based on the table below is generally 15-20 years depending on how well you maintain your system and the quality of the brand you purchase.

Without any maintenance:        15 to 18 years

With some maintenance:          18 to 20 years (assuming at least 1 to 2 parts are regularly maintained)

With average maintenance:      20 to 25 years (at least 2 to 3 parts are regularly maintained)

High maintenance:                     more than 25 years (4 parts maintained)

As a guide, here’s the list of items to be maintained:

  • Regular change of filter (monthly or quarterly)
  • Servicing and tune-ups (seasonal)
  • Removal of debris/dust/dirt from outside unit (as often as necessary)
  • Checking of and replacement of refrigerant insulation (as needed)

Most people pay top dollar for high-end investment. The same is true for HVAC systems. It is a major investment. You want to have the best that your budget can afford because it will mean comfort and convenience for the family. You also expect that a quality investment will last for a long time. One of the things uppermost in your mind when you’re considering a heating and cooling system is how long will the HVAC life expectancy be?

A heating/cooling system is an electrical machine. It has many moving parts. That is why it needs regular inspection and maintenance. Therefore, if you want your equipment to last and extend your HVAC’S life expectancy, then you have to know and do some essential things.


Generally, it is difficult to ascertain an HVAC’s life expectancy even if the manufacturer says that it will last for a specific number of years. The life of a heating/cooling system depends on many variables. It depends on the amount of maintenance you give the system as mentioned above. It could also be dependent on your living habits, the changes in weather and climate.

Newer models of HVAC systems benefit from technological advancements that increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. However, there is a shorter time period before owners have to replace their units in order to take advantage of newer developments and updated technical features. On average, an HVAC life expectancy can be placed at 20 years.

Other variables include retrofits and major repairs that were done on the system, how good the maintenance is, its proximity to corrosive materials, and how long the HVAC system is allowed to run each day.

Extending the life of your HVAC system

Proper care is needed if you want to realize an extended HVAC life expectancy. Here are some of the things a homeowner can do:

A tune-up should be done annually. Get in touch with Fischer at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 and discuss options for annual HVAC tune-up and other HVAC maintenance services. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer your questions and even give you tips to improve your HVAC’s performance as they are trained to service various types and models from different manufacturers.

You can extend your HVAC’s life expectancy by following the suggested guidelines for energy efficiency. These include efficient home insulation, immediate repair of leaks found in the ductwork or anywhere else, and programming the thermostat setting so it can adjust automatically when you are away or at home.

Choose the proper size of the HVAC system to fit your home and your requirements. The cooling/heating system will work more efficiently if it fits your home just right. If it is too big, it will cost more, for one thing. Further, you’ll be wasting energy. Likewise, a unit that is big or too small for the space to be cooled or heated will turn on and off more frequently, causing wear and tear to its parts, thus its lifespan will be cut short.

Do not block vents. Doors to unused rooms should be left open to prevent the trapping of moisture and dust and promote better air filtration.

Get in touch with licensed HVAC service professionals from Fischer to get high-quality installation and maintenance work. Stay comfortable and worry-free far longer than expected, with a regularly serviced HVAC system. We at Fischer are proud to say that our customers are fully satisfied with the services we offer. Just dial 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050. We’ll be more than happy to take your call and discuss your heating/cooling needs.