What type of Air conditioning is best for Seattle Homes?

Is the warm weather turning your home into an oven? Make this the year you get ahead of the heat. In Seattle, we can expect 25-30 days per year where the temperatures will hit 80 degrees. And even when outdoor temperatures are still in the mid 70’s, poorly insulated homes can heat up to 80 degrees! That’s when you really want some proper HVAC Seattle service!

We also have long dry hot streaks and record temperatures of 104, with trends indicating that we can look forward to greater temperatures and more days of warming in the Greater Seattle region, making air conditioning in Seattle almost essential. What better way to cool down than to install some state-of-the-art air conditioning?

HVAC Seattle is the process of altering the temperature and humidity of indoor air to improve comfort. Cooler conditions can improve mental alertness and general productivity, as well as simply making it easier to function inside your home during the warmer months. Controlling indoor temperatures is also a way to protect people who are vulnerable to extreme heat, such as the elderly and young.

Air conditioning can be said to be more important than heating; while you can always add extra layers in cold weather the same strategy won’t work on a hot day in summer. Seattle weather has been known to be extreme, as any local would already know. From heavy snowfall to soaring temperatures, the only guarantee is that you need your home to be prepared for anything. This is why you need an efficient system, possibly even one that can be reversed, thus doing the job in both heat and cold.

HVAC Repair or Replacement?

Home and business owners have several choices when it comes to air conditioning. For cooling systems, there are units that can be properly installed in a window. There are also portable air conditioning units while others require mounting on walls. Large commercial establishments benefit greatly from the installation of central air conditioning system. All of these air conditioning systems employ the same elements – refrigerant, condenser, compressor, evaporator coil and expansion valve. Here are the most common types of A/C systems for homes and offices in Seattle.

Do Window Air Conditioners work in Seattle?

A window-type air conditioner belongs to a unitary air conditioning system. It is self-contained and is usually positioned in a window or through an exterior wall where a hole has been purposely cut. The latter option is fine, if the house is still being constructed. But in most homes, it is easier to fit this type of A/C unit in a window. It works by cooling the interior air with a fan that blows the air over the unit’s evaporation. The heat drawn by the unit from inside the home or room is blown out by a second fan through the condenser. A home or building can install several window air conditioners, thus, each part of the building can be cooled individually.

What about Portable Air Conditioners?

A newer air conditioning unit is the portable air conditioner that is also self-contained, with all the refrigeration components placed in a compact unit. This air conditioning unit can be placed on the floor inside any room in your home. The exhaust heat is discharged from a hose vent positioned through a home’s exterior wall. Normally, it can cool a room below 500 SF and is of great use to rooms that remain hot even if central air conditioning is installed. It’s good for rooms or houses where it is not possible to install a window air conditioning unit. Because it is portable, it is a practical unit for people renting an apartment or room.

Are Split or Ductless Air Conditioner effective in the Northwest?

Technically, a ductless or split air conditioning system is called PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner). Many apartments, motels, hotels and some homes use this type of air conditioning system. As the name suggests, the split A/C is composed of two terminal units. The condensing unit is placed outside the home or building. This package contains the condenser, condenser fan and the compressor. The other terminal unit is the evaporative unit that is placed inside the building, where it handles the cooling and distribution of air. The interior unit comprises the fan, evaporator coil and expansion valve. A refrigerant tubing passing through a hole created on a wall connects the two terminal units.

What is a Ductless Heat Pump?

In the same way that there is a ductless or split A/C system, there is also a ductless heat pump, which is more economical as it can both heat or cool your home. This can be installed on homes under construction or retrofit to existing homes provided the home has an electric furnace, wall heaters, or electric baseboards. A ductless heat pump is very quiet and designed to provide efficiency, cost savings, control, and maximum comfort. A professional can install a ductless heat pump within a day. You are assured of cooling or heating your home comfortably, even during the coldest or hottest days.

Is Central Air Conditioning the best option for Seattle home owners?

The ultimate system to cool a home or office is a central air conditioning system. The operation is ultra-quiet. It provides great comfort and performance. However, a central air conditioning unit has to be sized correctly to fit your home, as having a large one will not deliver the right performance. This type of air conditioning system requires regular and proper maintenance. It comes in two units as well, both containing the required elements for condensing and evaporation. The two units are linked by refrigerant tubing. The condenser is placed outside the building and the evaporative unit is the one you see in a home’s interior.


For cooling or heating a home, there are several choices today, based on your needs and your budget. They come in different sizes and configuration as well, therefore you can choose the perfect one for your purpose and the availability of space where you want to have an A/C unit installed. Most heating and cooling units are also energy-efficient. But just like any other mechanical equipment, wear and tear is inevitable, especially in Seattle where scorching weather is prevalent.


If you want an air conditioning unit installed or maintained, whether it’s a heat pump, a window A/C or a central air conditioning unit, call Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning. Our professional technician can visit and assess your home and unit, and provide you with the best HVAC Seattle service options possible.


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