Professional Furnace Service In Seattle

Once a heating system is installed in a home, the family often takes it for granted, expecting the system to run efficiently and quietly year after year without considering the need for regular furnace service. Homeowners become complacent because the equipment continues to keep them comfortable during cold weather, and the only time they take notice is when the furnace malfunctions. Because the city is so cold and wet, Seattle furnace tune-ups are all the more necessary.

How Often To Service A Furnace

We recommend once a year. Before the start of the cold season, it's essential to have your furnace checked by a qualified furnace technician. It's better to be prepared, rather than a furnace giving up in the middle of winter. Likewise, it's easier to schedule an appointment with a specialist in Seattle furnace servicing because rates will likely increase as demand surges during the winter months ahead.

A furnace is a hard-working piece of machinery, and like all machines, it needs regular tune-ups and maintenance. Normally, its life span is around 20 years, but it can be extended longer when properly maintained. For furnace tune-up in Seattle, call Fischer Heating, a trusted service provider who knows Greater Seattle like the backs of their hands. The company has been servicing homes and businesses in Seattle for more than 40 years.

How Do You Service A Furnace

Check the flue and chimney for hazardous debris build-up. The by-products of combustion pass through the chimney or flue pipe. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned, but oftentimes, there are animal nests, leaks, and other debris that can hamper the combustion process of your furnace.

Ensure that the ignition and gas pilot systems are working correctly. They need to be tested to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the system.

Dirt build-up is one of the leading causes of furnace failure. One of the parts susceptible to dirt build-up is the blower blades, which reduce the airflow. Continuous airflow to the heat exchanger is critical. The buildup of dirt on the blower blades of the furnace increases electricity consumption and shortens the life of the heat exchanger.

Ensure Great Comfort For Your Family

Engaging the services of a trusted company providing furnace tune-ups in Seattle like Fischer Heating, will give you peace of mind. A regular checkup will ensure that you are safe from health risks from a defective furnace.

You’ll also spend more on fuel when your furnace is dirty or lacks maintenance. Some of the issues regular tune-ups can look into are thermostat calibration, replacement of dirty filters, and cleaning of dirty blowers and burners.

Another thing that a furnace tune-up in Seattle looks into is the danger of carbon monoxide buildup. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, silent killer because people cannot smell, taste, or see it. When there is a CO buildup in your heating system, it releases CO into the air, and everyone in the home can inhale it. If you suddenly get sick or your allergies act up, call Fischer Heating to check your furnace.

It’s important to be proactive. For professional furnace service in Seattle, put your trust in Fischer Heating, where licensed, fully trained, and capable service technicians can handle all types and makes of furnaces.

For regular furnace service in the Seattle area or emergency services, give us a call or contact us. We are here to help keep your furnace clean and free from debris and dust build-up.