Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Leaking?

It is normal for an air conditioner to leak water while it is running. However, there is a big difference to the amount of water that is expelled from an air conditioning unit in perfect condition and a faulty one. If there is an abnormal amount of water coming from a leaking air conditioning unit, whether indoors or outdoors for a long period, it is time to call an A/C technician promptly. Fischer serves many homes in Seattle and is trusted in A/C services, from installation, to repair and maintenance.

There are many issues that can be attributed to a leaking air conditioning unit. Check the pointers we have here to see if these apply to your A/C. In some cases you might just be unduly concerned, so it is best to learn the causes, what to look for and when you actually need to seek professional help for a leaking air conditioning unit.

 Issues with leaking air conditioning unit

If you find that there is excessive amount of water leaking from your air conditioner, here are some possible causes:

  • The condensate drain of your A/C unit might be clogged. This can be caused by the buildup of algae, rust, dirt and other materials that prevent the water from draining efficiently.
  • leaking air conditioning unitThe drain line might be disconnected. This can happen if the air conditioner was not properly installed. The drain line can become loose over time. This can lead to the pipe getting disconnected within the A/C leading to a leaking air conditioning unit.
  • A leaking air conditioning unit may be due to the cold temperature. If you turn on your air conditioner when the outside temperature is below 60°F, ice may build up on the unit’s cooling coils. This situation can also lead to a leaking A/C unit.
  • Sometimes the cause of the leak is due to the cracking of the condensate pan. This can be easily overlooked particularly if you do not have regular air conditioning maintenance. Due to clogging and debris build up and also due to age, the condensate pan may develop rust, causing the pan to crack. Cracking will break the seal, leading to a leaking air conditioning unit.
  • Water leaking from an air conditioning unit may also be due to dirty air filters. As you know, filters prevent airborne materials from entering your air conditioning unit. Over time dirt will build up on the filter, which will restrict the flow of air over the evaporator coils of the unit. When this happens the coils will freeze. As they melt, the excess moisture will cause the condensate pan to overflow. The same thing can happen if the refrigerant level in your unit is low.

 When to call a professional A/C technician

As we’ve mentioned, it is normal for air conditioning units to leak water. This is due to condensation. The amount of water that is released by the unit depends on the outside temperature and the setting of your unit’s thermostat, among other things.

When the days are very humid and hot, your air conditioner works harder to provide you with cooled air. Due to this, the amount of water that leaks from the unit will be more than the average. It is still normal to see a small puddle beneath the condenser, so there is no need for worry.

fischer-heating-call-for-an-hvac-maintenance-service-plan-150x150However, if it’s been over 24 hours and the leak is continuous, it is time for you to Call Fischer at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 so a professional A/C technician can come over and check your unit.

If you notice an excessive amount of water leaking from the unit when the temperature is not extremely cold or hot, or you cannot pinpoint where it is coming from, turn off your A/C. Water can damage your air conditioner’s electronic parts. It can also cause damage to your residence. Contact a professional air conditioning technician immediately.

It is not normal when your air conditioner leaks more water than usual. Before this happens, ensure that you have your air conditioner receives regular maintenance. The evaporator coils should be cleaned by a professional. The filters must be replaced monthly or quarterly. The drain line should be periodically checked. The A/C unit may also be improperly installed. For your peace of mind and for the longevity of your air conditioning unit, call a trusted air con technician from Fischer. You’ll get prompt service, expert advice and competitive price. For a service appointment, call Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning at 425-406-3050 or 206-202-9499.