Top Benefits of Ductless Heating

Having a heating system, as we all know, is a necessity. This becomes an especially important commodity for climate and weather that can be either unbearably cold or warm. One particularly popular type of system is the ductless heat pump. But what exactly are its advantages when compared to its counterparts?

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Ductless Heating


Perhaps the single most important reason why many home and business owners alike tend to go for ductless heating systems is its cost-effectiveness. Its ability to offer either heated or cooled air into individual areas makes it an invaluable asset when trying to keep the monthly energy bills from spiraling out of control.

It’s relatively easy to install a ductless heating system as well. Making utility and labor relatively cheaper compared to their alternative counterparts. In fact, installation of even a multi-split system can take less than a day to accomplish. Needless to say, it doesn’t require as much effort to get things running.

Better Air Quality

There are many times when the air outside can be a lot better than inside, and with more traditional heating systems, the actual air ducts will have to be cleaned, serviced, and maintained regularly. Even after all of that, there’s a big possibility of dust remaining. As the name suggests, ductless heating systems offer filtration that heavily reduces these unwanted particles in the air even more.

Chemistry also plays a vital role in not just the performance of the ductless heating system but also its effect on the environment. By using a specific refrigerant known as R4108, its properties, which contain no ozone-depleting materials, help significantly in its impact on our environment.


Last but certainly not the least is the flexibility of ductless heating systems. This contributes a lot to the relatively easy and quick installation system, as was mentioned earlier. They essentially comprise two units: an outdoor and an indoor unit. The latter may have more for multi-system options, but it’s the simplicity that allows it to be built even over a pre-existing heating system.

Whether it’s for a house, an apartment, or a condominium unit, installation of the system poses very little or no issues at all. Being able to control temperatures for individual rooms or specific areas is also a big advantage.


These are just a few of the many benefits that come with the use and utilization of ductless heating systems, but does it necessarily mean that it’s better than other systems? With all of the advantages that it yields, there are still certain conditions and situations that make it either a better approach or not. There are also a multitude of variables to consider.

The general climate of your area or location, for example, plays a big role in choosing the best ductless heating system for you. Another element that comes into play is the structure wherein it will be installed. Would it be a split or singular system? These are things you’ll need to ask yourself before you purchase one.

Ductless Heating

The general climate of Seattle, for example, plays a big role in choosing the best ductless heating system for you. Another element that comes into play is the structure wherein it will be installed. Would it be a split or singular system? These are things you’ll need to ask yourself before you purchase one.

But with all things considered, it would still be best to seek out the advice of a professional contractor or an engineer. They’ll be able to assess the situation and see what’s possible or feasible to do. It doesn’t hurt to get a quotation, too, so that you know exactly what the costs will most likely be. Given the ease of installation, the costs should be reasonable if not affordable.

Practical Issues

You now know the top benefits of ductless heating. For practicality, there are other issues that you have to consider, especially if you are thinking of replacing your old heating system or installing one in your new home.

If you are choosing a conventional heating system, your first consideration is the space available in your home. If the space cannot accommodate the unit, you may have to do some remodeling. Otherwise, you have to contend with a unit that may not be enough to supply the heat you need in your home.

One of the reasons why the ductless heating system is becoming popular is the functional capacity it offers. Add this to the top benefits that are mentioned above. Ductless heating offers more than the larger ducted models with the functions and the advantage of fewer space requirements that are not offered by other systems.

Ductless Systems

It is essential for a homeowner to understand at least the basic requirements and features of a ductless heating system. A ductless heating system is also called a mini-split or a ductless mini-split. As the term implies, the system does not require unsightly ducts. Nevertheless, a ductless heating system provides the same comfort to your home. The system is smaller, but the economy and efficiency of operation are the same as the conventional systems.

Ductless Heating System Process

A ductless system captures heat outdoors and brings the heat inside to distribute it where it’s needed. A liquid refrigerant and a pipe system accomplish the distribution. Heat is absorbed when the refrigerant turns to gas. The unit’s compressor pushes the gas through the pipe system to either the outdoor or indoor unit, with the process condensing the refrigerant to turn it into liquid once again. This action releases the heat, which moves to a heat exchanger in order to heat your home.

With a ductless heating system, you do not need a large space to contain the unit or install ductwork; thus, the space requirement is minimal. Most of the components of the main system are in the outdoor unit. The indoor unit depends on the number of air handling units that distribute the heated air where needed. The connection consists of refrigerant lines, drainpipes, and cables, so they only require a small hole through the wall.

Efficiency Certification

The system is cost-efficient because you only operate the air handling unit in the area where heating is needed, so you consume less energy. You control each indoor air handling unit, as each one can have its own thermostat. Heat loss is minimal to zero because the heated air does not pass through long ductwork.

When choosing a new ductless heating system, choose one that has certification from Energy Star. If the unit is certified, you’re assured that the unit you get is an energy saver and is guaranteed to be very efficient.

The electric heating cost you can typically realize from an Energy Star-certified ductless heating system is 25-50%, which is not something you can ignore. As you know, energy cost is one of the most significant expenses you incur each month.

Of course, a ductless heating system is still mechanical equipment that needs preventive maintenance regularly. Keeping it in top working condition makes it run efficiently and likewise extends the life of the unit. Neglecting your ductless heating system is throwing money down the drain.

At the end of the day, it’s all about effectiveness and efficiency. And you will be hard-pressed to find a better alternative to a ductless system. For more accurate estimations and specifics, please call our experts at Fischer Heating. We can provide you with all the necessary information that you will need to make a much more informed decision and install the unit.

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