Is the Cost of Adding Heat Pump in Seattle Worth it?

heat pump in SeattleHeat pumps are suitable for areas that have moderate cooling and heating needs. In such climates, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient option to air conditioners and furnaces. Heat pumps move heat instead of generating heat. So the space conditioning costs less compared to using a conventional cooling or heating system.

Seattle has a temperate climate with only a few days a year when the temperature can be freezing cold or very hot. Summers are relatively dry and the winters are cool and wet. Given this environment, a heat pump in Seattle is a good investment for the city’s residents.

Cost of a heat pump in Seattle, WA

So many options are available for so many things today, air conditioning systems included. If you want the option of having one system that can function both as a heating unit and an air conditioning system, consider installing a heat pump in your Seattle home. At first glance, you might be taken aback at the cost of the initial investment. It’s not surprising because an air conditioner is worth so much less. But do not forget that a heat pump provides both hot and cold air depending on your needs and the season.

Do not just look at the price tag. Consider the many benefits, comfort, convenience, and energy savings you would realize when you have installed a heat pump in Seattle. You might even ask yourself why you did not install a heat pump in the first place.

It can make a big difference in your energy cost if you install a heat pump as it replaces both the air conditioning unit and furnace at the same time. Advancement in technology makes the heat pump in Seattle a better alternative for the central heating and cooling system.

The typical price range of a heat pump is $3,974 to $6,823. A low-end unit costs around $1,500 while a high-end one is about $9,600. The current national average according to HomeAdvisor is $5,396.

The actual cost of a heat pump in Seattle will depend on the type of heat pump you prefer and the size of your home. The labor cost plus the cost of the heat pump in Seattle is a big investment. But in the end, your energy consumption will be drastically reduced.

The return on investment (ROI)

As you can see from the costs mentioned above, adding a heat pump into your Seattle home can be quite costly. The national average cost of an air conditioning system for 2018 according to HomeAdvisor is $5,348. A low-end unit costs about $1,800 while a high-end unit could cost $10,275. The typical price range is between $3,729 and $7,174.

While the gap in the price of an air conditioning system and a heat pump is not that substantial, the benefits a homeowner in Seattle would get overtime make the decision to install a heat pump quite sound.

It is estimated that in three years’ time, a homeowner in Seattle would be able to recoup the price difference between an air conditioning system and a heat pump through the energy savings. A new heat pump, with proper maintenance, can last for about 15 years on average. This means that your investment would have an ROI of 25%.

Is the investment worth it?

When you add the above to the other benefits you are going to get by adding a heat pump to your Seattle home, you’ll fully realize why it is worth it to invest in a heat pump system. It’s an expense that is applicable and very suitable to the weather and environment in Seattle where the need for heating and cooling does not go to the extreme. A heat pump will provide you great comfort in winter as well as in summer.

Adding a heat pump in Seattle homes is a good investment. It is getting more popular across the United States because of its cost-efficiency and functionality.

Here are more reasons:

  1. The heat pump in Seattle functions as a heater and air conditioner. You’ll feel comfortable all-year-round from a single unit. A heat pump in Seattle is very convenient, as you do not need to install a separate furnace to keep you warm on rainy winter days. The unit is also smaller thus saves you more space.
  2. It is energy efficient. A heat pump is perfect for Seattle homes. It may struggle to provide heat in places where the temperature can get extremely low. The city of Seattle has a temperate climate, which suits the system very well. It has the capability to handle mild winters where it can operate very efficiently. It is far superior to furnaces. A heat pump uses a small amount of electricity to move heat. And yet it’s able to generate enough heat to keep your home comfortably warm. A heat pump is efficient. Its air conditioning process consumes only a small amount of power to reverse the natural flow of cold or heat away from home. For every kilowatt of electricity consumed to move its mechanical parts, it generates heat of up to three kilowatts. According to a U.S. government study, a family of four using a heat pump will have savings on their heating bills of up to 30%.
  3. It increases the value of your home. Because of its popularity, having a heat pump in Seattle is a valuable addition to your home. Space and the energy-saving units can be a deciding factor for homebuyers in Seattle, compared to a home that lacks an efficient heating and cooling system.

heat pump in Seattle

Types of heat pumps in Seattle

Many homeowners across the United States realize the benefits of adding a heat pump to their homes brings. In fact, it is the most common alternative today, instead of installing two separate units to provide warm and cold air. The cost of electricity used to operate the heat pump might increase, just like the other prices of commodities and utilities. However, the price is not as volatile as the price of propane, oil or gas. It is also possible to get about a $1,500 tax credit when a homeowner in Seattle installs a heat pump.

Several types of heat pumps are available in the market and it is up to the homeowner to choose the right one. Or the homeowner could call Fischer Heating and consult with our expert and licensed technician to know which one is suitable for their home and their heating/cooling requirements.

Geothermal heat pump – one of the most energy-efficient cooling and heating systems. This type of heat pump is suitable for any climate, especially in those areas where the demand for heated or cooled air is higher due to the prevailing climate. Likewise, the installation cost of installing a geothermal heat pump is the highest.

Air-source heat pump – this is almost the same as a central air conditioning system with more parts. It pulls in heat from the indoor air and through a refrigeration process, it blows the heated air outdoors during summers. In winter, it does the reverse and draws air from outdoors and converting it into heated air to be distributed around the home.

The cooling and heating efficiency of a heat pump is rated by its seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. Newer models of air-source heat pumps use inverter technology on its rotary compressor. This new system allows the unit to vary the cooling or heating output from one-third to full capacity depending on the need.

The process operates quietly and helps save electricity, provides you with more comfort and better temperatures in any room. Some of the newer models feature two-stage heat pumps. With a booster compressor, a two-stage heat pump adjusts the temperature based on the temperature outdoors, with two cooling and four heating stages.

Heat pumps in Seattle require professional installation. To avoid the risk of losing the benefits you’ll get from the heat pump, call on our heat pump experts at Fischer Heating. We can provide you with the right type of unit suitable for your home. And the expertise of our licensed technicians to correctly install the unit. Call us at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 or visit us to see the heat pump models we carry.