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Heating Repairs, Services, & Installation in Everett, WA


You can have confidence in Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning to do a thorough check-up to find out whether your heating system, furnace, or air conditioner needs normal service, repair or replacement.


Well provide you a comprehensive evaluation of your HVAC system current condition and give you options for recommended heating repairs, services or replacement.You can count on us for excellent advice and service, a quality HVAC repair, with a warranty we stand behind! If needed Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning recommends the best matches for your heating system,  furnace, or air conditioning needs.  This takes into account the size of your home, system efficiency, climate, dependability, aesthetics and your budget needs.Your HVAC system will operate at higher efficiency and make your home more comfortable after our repair, service or replacement is complete.


Furnace, Air Conditioning, & Heating Repairs

in Everett, WA


We first troubleshoot your HVAC system to identify the root cause of your problem. Our trained service technicians will explain the issue with you, along with some details to let you make an informed decision on whether to repair or upgrade. This information includes the age and condition of your system, the cost to repair your system, and the benefits of replacing your system with a new higher efficiency heating system or furnace.  Once you have all the facts it makes it much easier to make a good decision.


It may sound simple, but there are quite a few things to consider.


HVAC Service Technician in Everett, WA


What is the system age, and the overall condition of your heating system or furnace? Is dirt or dust contributing to part failures? Is the heat exchanger looking close to failure?  A corroded or old fragile heat exchanger is an immediate danger your family, as it can crack and release carbon monoxide gas, which can cause fatalities. The repair technician determines if your thermostat is accurate and turns on and off at the appropriate temperature settings.


The service technician first determines there is electricity flowing to the furnace and then checks out the internal electricity supply. Our technician continues testing each component until he finds the reason for your HVAC problem.


HVAC system and the cause of the failure in Everett, WA


You will be provided a written estimate to do the repairs and or service needed to bring your heating system up to safe operating condition.  Our service technicians will answer any questions you have about the repair, or if you are thinking about replacing your heating system, furnace, or air conditioner what the benefits would be.


We believe in transparency and honesty with our customers, and strive to provide you accurate and complete information about your HVAC system problem. So you can make the best decision for your circumstances.  Our goal is to make you feel confident in your decision to service, repair, or replace your system.


Call us for any residential or commercial heating system, furnace repair, air conditioner service or replacement in Everett, WA


You will be glad you did!


Fischer Heating & Air Warranty in Everett, WA


Its a full 1-year service is covered for any failure, along with the manufacturer warranty period for parts. Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning offers quick Everett HVAC repair response time! Our customers can verify this for you.

When you need HVAC Service in Everett please give Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning a call.

Heating Repairs



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