Computing Your Investment with a Central Air Installation Cost Calculator

It’s a dilemma when you think about having a new HVAC installed. Central Air Installation Cost CalculatorFirst in your mind is the cost of the unit. After that you have to think of the installation cost, the renovations that may be needed in your home. And other additional costs that are likely to come up. Summarizing all the costs will definitely jack up the price of a new central air conditioning system.

However, this process, which can be done with the help of a central air installation cost calculator. It will give you a very good picture of how much you will actually spend. In the end it can even provide you savings you did not know can happen, had you not found that a central air installation cost calculator exists.

The most effective central air installation cost calculator you can avail of takes every facet of installing a central air conditioning system into consideration. It should calculate everything from the unit’s price, the SEER, AFUE and EER rating. It can also calculate the size of your home, the right size of the AC, the shade lines, the type of foundation that you have in your home, the brand of the AC unit and the cost of materials plus labor.

Types of information needed for effective calculation

A number of free online central air installation cost calculators are available to help eliminate the guesswork for your new HVAC installed. When using a central air installation cost calculator, consider all the variables to arrive at a good estimate. Making an informed decision is crucial for a major investment. Let’s discuss this further.

Major costs

Central Air Installation Cost Calculator

The main points in the installation of a central air conditioner are the following:

  • Contractor – the company/technician(s) who will do the Manual J assessment of your home to properly determine the right size of the unit. Eliminate talking to a number of contractors, subcontractors and assistants, consider calling Fischer, so you deal with just one company. Fischer carries a number of reputable brands of HVAC systems, and has licensed A/C technicians, electricians and EPA-licensed professionals to handle refrigerants.
  • Labor – this can also be part of the package for the installation of the air conditioner or supplied by a subcontractor.
  • Materials – installation of an HVAC system involves various materials, including nitrogen, recovering machine, tanks and refrigerants.
  • Cost of the unit
  • Price of ductwork if it is not existent

Additional costs

Central Air Installation Cost Calculator

Your contractor will compute the load calculation based on your home’s orientation and shape, the square footage. It also includes the climate, materials used in your home construction, floors, walls, windows, and insulation. The general rule: “1 ton of cooling is needed for every 500 to 600 square feet”. This is also called the Manual J calculation, which can be done room by room to help determine layout of duct and sizes of ducts or for the entire house. If a duct system already exists, after checking the ducts, vents, seals and leaks.

Included in the computation is the EER rating, or the Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the cooling efficiency of an HVAC unit measured in British thermal units (BTUs)/hour. Next is the SEER rating. The federal standard is 13. If you live in an area with hotter climate the SEER rating should be higher, which means additional cost as well. The heater’s AFUE rating is also measured.

Moreover, miscellaneous administrative fees like Workman’s Compensation Insurance and general liability insurance are generally included in the cost computation.

Looks complicated? Computing your investment for the installation of a new HVAC system is complex. Your best option is to work with a licensed and experienced contractor. We at Fischer have the licensed technicians to help you. Working with us, you will be talking only with one contractor to provide you with all the services and equipment. We have the references and the expertise. We provide efficient and fast service and we always provide fair price to all our customers. Call Fischer Heating and Air at 206-202-9499 or 425-406-3050 during office hours and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.