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Ductless Heat PumpFor homes without the ductwork of a central heating system, ductless mini split heat pump units are a good solution for heating and cooling the air. Seattle ductless heat pump systems – sometimes called mini splits – are often installed in homes with hot water heat, radiant panels, and space heaters that use wood, kerosene or propane. They are also good solutions when extending or installing ductwork is not feasible.


Having ducts installed throughout your home can be a lengthy procedure, and it doesn’t fit every type of property. Ductless systems don’t rely on the size of your walls or even the placement of vents, making them more versatile. Also, ducted heating can result in up to 30% energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the vents happen to open to rooms that aren’t used regularly. A mini split system is entirely ductless, which eliminates this potential problem.


Like standard heat pumps, mini splits have two main parts – an outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor unit. The two parts connect through the wall by way of a conduit, which contains the power and tubing and the drain for the condensation. For aesthetic concerns, ductless heat pumps in Seattle can be installed at the rear of a property without any drop in quality.


Mini Split System Seattle


Under certain conditions, ductless mini split heat pump units have significant advantages over central systems.

  • Their small size and flexibility makes them suitable for heating and cooling individual rooms or groups of rooms from a single outdoor unit. Regular ducts don’t often include this option, heating every room equally unless the vents are closed. This pinpoint option can mean significant savngs on electricity.
  • Because each indoor unit has its own thermostat, you only need to condition the areas you want, when you want it.
  • The lack of ducts also reduces the heat loss associated with forced-air systems, making them economical.
  • Mini-split systems are easier to install than many other systems as they only require a small access hole through the wall for the tubing and power conduit.
  • A duct system that spreads throughout the house is liable to become congested, causing allergy problems and other health concerns. A mini-split system will reduce that risk.
  • You can have the outdoor compressor stationed at the rear of your house and run conduit to indoor components that you have mounted in your front-facing rooms. The main system can even be up to fifty metres away, allowing you to place it wherever you think it’s most inconspicuous.


Most indoor units are about seven inches deep. Thus, Seattle ductless heat pump units can be suspended from, or set flush in a drop ceiling, or hung on a wall. You can even get a floor-standing model if you prefer. If interior design is a concern for you in your home, mini split systems won’t get in the way; you can choose to place the units wherever fits.


Because of their complexity, ductless mini-splits must be precisely installed by a trained technician familiar with the specific unit. Call Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning and talk to one of our technicians about ductless heat pumps in Seattle today. Find out if a ductless mini-split air conditioning system is the solution you’ve been looking for.


Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning knows Seattle ductless heat pumps inside and out, and are ready to answer any and all questions.



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