The Low-Down on Coupons and Specials for your Furnace of Heating Repairs


Coupons are strategic marketing tools. They are used to urge consumers to try a new product; entice them to buy with reduced risk (paying the full price for a product); turn a trial user into a regular client; and to convince regular and new customers to purchase new forms, flavors, or size of a product that is already established in the market. Coupons and specials can stem competition and prevent current customers from buying or utilizing a service from a competing company. Consumers can take advantage of coupons, specials and price off offers, but you should also be wary of them. Fischer Heating and Air do not employ such marketing gimmicks. However, we want you, our loyal customers to know how discount coupons and specials work.

Pros and cons


Coupons may increase sales for a time, unload a store’s inventory, and encourage people to try a product or service before paying the full price. It can encourage people to switch brands and attract first time buyers as well, which will be beneficial to the store running a special.


Coupons have an effect on a store’s pricing policy. They cost money. They reduce the store’s profit and might not be a sustainable promo strategy since customers may only opt to buy when an item is discounted. Some consumers might think that the quality and perceived value of a product are lower. It can be a difficult decision for the store to run a discount special. If the store limits the coupons to new customers, it can alienate its regular clients who might feel that they deserve something for remaining loyal.

Look at the real value


Although specials and discount coupons can give savings for a time, this is not how we do business at Fischer Heating and Air. We want our customers to know that we provide them with real value in our service/product. We strive to give you the best price in the market any time of the year. We take pride in our products and our service, so we do not need marketing gimmicks to attract customers. We do not artificially increase our price and give out coupons for a “perceived” discount. Your trust and satisfaction is our foremost concern, and the price we quote is the actual price. Don’t be swayed by what seems to be a good deal. Insist on the best. At Fischer Heating and Air, you’re assured that the product is of high quality and the service is always top-of-the-line.