Most HVAC professionals will agree, recycle furnace filter for your furnace is not a good idea.

recycle furnace filterOccasionally we get customers that want to recycle furnace filter and we understand why. But these filters are made out of cardboard and other types of fibrous materials and they're nearly impossible to get completely clean not to mention the possible health issues to consider.
Most HVAC or Heating companies will replace your furnace filter as part of overall annual maintenance. Depending on the size of your filter maintenance could be anywhere from $100 to $300 but most of these annual maintenance agreements are usually lap around $150.

What can I do while my air filters are being shipped?

That being the case, if you were desperate and you were not able to get a filter quickly, you could remove much of the large particles of debris using compressed air to blow it off. And yes we are of course telling you not to but recycle furnace filter for a  temporary fix would be an option. This would be a temporary solution to get most of the dust and debris off the filter while you are waiting for your filter to arrive. The good news is that most air filters for furnaces are very reasonable some as low as $10, but they can go as high as $100 depending on the brand and type of furnace you have.

Who makes a really good air filter for my furnace?

The questions shouldn't be, Can You Recycle A Home Air Filter? the questions should be, Should you recycle your home furnace filter? Id; say no, not a good idea if you want efficiency and clean air.
A really good example is the air filter manufactured called K&N, This company manufactures many types of air filters not only for home furnaces but for cars trucks, and motorcycles. They have a long history of making air filters and now also make air filters or I should say Max to prevent covid-19. Here's an example of a filter that's used in a home that's manufactured by HVAC Furnace Air Filter

Should I clean the air filter compartment?

It's also important while you're replacing the filter to take a flashlight and look inside the compartment where the filter is, don't forget you need to make sure that the furnace is off while you're conducting this inspection. Typically a damp cloth or paper towel is sufficient to clean the inside if necessary. Again do not try to do this while the furnace is on, you wouldn't want a piece of fabric or towel to get sucked inside the burner and cause a fire.

How do I know what size of the air filter to use for my furnace?

If you need to replace your furnace filter, the dimensions of the filter are usually on the side or on the front of the actual filter. NOTE: when replacing the filter make sure that the arrow is pointing in the direction of the flow of air, this is critical for your furnace to be efficient. The other purpose behind having a professional inspect your system is to make sure that there are no loose wires that your system is clean that your filter is improperly and that your system is functioning properly. Over time, heating systems can have issues with airflow and efficiency. Frequently homeowners have a furnace that's installed in a closet, and debris or boxes or other things get loaded up next to the furnace, this can be a fire hazard and it could also affect the efficiency or performance of your system.

Can Fischer Heating and Air Conditioning replace my air filter?

At Fischer Heating, we provide full service of all furnace systems regardless of the brand. We also do complete new installations of systems, whether it be a furnace or a Heat Pump system. To be clear, we never use recycle furnace filter for anyone how. Having professional work on these systems is important because many of them run off of natural gas and that’s not something you want an amateur or homeowner working on. Knowing that you have a professional will give you peace of mind and ensure that your system will run for many many years. If you have any questions regarding your system feel free to call Fisher Heating at any time during our business hours and we'd be more than happy to chat with you about how we can service your system or provide a free estimate for a new system.